GB Dragon Boat Team

Debra started Dragon Boating in 1997 after being introduced to the sport by an old university friend and was very quickly selected for The Great Britain Team. This was a dream come true for Debra who had always wanted to represent her country in a sport, even if it was to be a minority sport that no one had heard of!
  • Dates: 1997 to 2000
  • Location: UK and Rome
All those years canoeing and kayaking made the transition to Dragon Boats very simple. The European Championships were first in Rome, followed by the World Championships in Nottingham. Debra amassed 1 gold, 3 silver and 4 bronze medals during her time with the GB Squad. The World Championships had been a challenging one for Debra as her father had died between the Europeans and the Worlds. Without Robin Newbury cheering on the sidelines it just didn’t seem right, so Debra bowed out of Team GB and gave up Dragon Boating altogether…. until the Sisterhood Vogalonga and Cross Channel Record came along in 2005 and reminded her what a fantastic team paddle sport it is! If you have no idea what a dragon boat is, check out the video above.