Is your health and fitness an area of your life where there is room for improvement? If so read on.

After two leg surgeries and two years of inactivity I had never been so unfit. I had even started vomiting due to a stress induced stomach problem. Enough was enough. So ‘Project Leg Fix’ was created and goals and milestones were set to keep me on track. They got me from being on crutches to 7 months later cycling from Barcelona to Valencia.

When we have an emotive reason attached to the milestones (like this one in my video that involved my daughters) it makes it much easier to stay motivated.

So how did I do it?  Well, I used the blueprint I have been using for 20 years to keep myself fit & healthy, only this time I really put it to the test by starting it at my all time fitness rock bottom (basically I had sat on my arse for 2 years!).  So if you are are keen to know how to motivate yourself to get fit and healthy, even if you have been inactive for years then please feel free to download your Blueprint by clicking the image below:

Click Here To Download Debra Searle's Fitness Blueprint

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