Do you find it difficult to get your butt out of bed and down to the gym/swimming pool/out on the bike/running? Me too! I am inherently lazy (no one ever believes that about me but it is true)…

I have a whole load of strategies that I have to employ to get myself out of bed to train (more on these in vlogs in a few months’ time). But one that is crucial is having people in your life who know what you are trying to achieve and give you motivation when yours is dwindling.

Tim and I wrote our own wedding vows. On our wedding day we made this promise to each other, “I want your hopes and dreams to be mine and I promise to help you realise them.” It’s not easy to live this out every day because often our individual hopes and dreams require us to spend periods away from home and our children. But I often think of this promise that I made to him and am grateful that he is so incredibly supportive of mine, especially my fitness and adventure goals. Having a coach, friend, colleague or family member fulfilling this role is vital if we are to achieve our goals. It’s one of the steps I actively put in place when planning out my annual health and fitness goals using this blueprint:

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