Ever had one of those hangovers where you think – “I’m never going to drink again…EVER!”? I certainly have. But it wasn’t that which made me give up alcohol for a year. It was my 7 year old saying:

“Mummy, you look a bit stressed… is it wine o’clock time?” 

Her words made me realise that I wasn’t happy with my habitual drinking. I had unintentionally taught her that alcohol is the answer to stress. So I decided that I wouldn’t drink for 12 months.

Have a watch of this video to find out

  • the surprising things I learnt
  • the practicalities of how I avoided booze (without being a martyr!)
  • what I intend to do now that my year-long experiment is over.


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Remember – if we always do what we’ve always done, we’ll always get what we’ve always got.