A key reason why we fail to achieve what we want (and repeat the same failure over and over again, year after year) is because we work from the outside in, rather than the inside out.  We focus on what we want to HAVE, rather than who we need to BE.

Where you are in life/work/love/wealth right now is 100% a reflection of the stories you tell yourself about yourself.  If we want a different outcome, we therefore need to start telling different stories. 

In this week’s #ChooseYourAttitudeShow we:

  • Learn why the identities, beliefs and stories that we tell ourselves, established many years ago, shape who we are and what we achieve
  • Identify where those stories may have come from
  • Walk through the 4 Step Guide which shows us how to work backwards and rewire our ‘autopilot’ thinking so that it’s primed for success

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