My twin sister Hayley Barnard is a marathon open water swimmer.  She’s even swum the English Channel… in just a bathing suit… in October… that’s bonkers!  Every day she looks forward to downloading the data from her watch after a training session and seeing how far she’s swum and at what speed and then entering that on to her spreadsheet against her planned mileage. Maybe she’s just a geek but it’s what drives her on.

Research shows that monitoring goal progress is a crucial process that intervenes between setting and attaining a goal and helps to ensure that goals are translated into action. Whatever success looks like for you – whether it’s lifting that award in the air or finally finishing your novel – a crucial step is finding a way of tracking your progress that works for you.  Unfortunately, not all of us are like Hayley when it comes to goal monitoring, so in this show I get really practical about the ways I have found helpful to monitor my goal progress and what the research tells us about which methods work best. 

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