I’ve always been someone who is fairly happy – that was until a big dollop of unplanned adversity made my happiness go away. At some point or another we all have tragedies in our home lives and challenges in our work lives that are unplanned. Sometimes they leave our hope in tatters, and, somehow, we have to claw our way back to happiness. Other times we just hit a funk – a period that causes a niggling unhappiness inside that we can’t even explain but something just feels off.

After the former happened to me, I went on a mission. I thought, ‘there must be a scientific formula for happiness that I can use to get over this sh*tty situation’. It turns out, there is! In fact, there are a number of them. For the past four years I have been working through them and turning them into habits so that I can be a bit more consistent with my happiness.

We all want to be just a little bit happier, right? Then catch up with this week’s Choose Your Attitude Show where I unpack what caused my unhappiness and the first steps I took to create more joy in my life. This is part one of a month-long series on The Choose Your Attitude Show on happiness and how to double your joy. It’s going to be good… joy-filled, in fact!

Resources from this week’s Choose Your Attitude Show

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