Here’s the thing – if you pay for gym membership or buy fitness DVDs or have some other ‘get fit’ strategy but you are reading this, then I’m guessing that your current system is not working for you. Years ago, I gave up feeling guilty about the money I was wasting on gym membership and tried something new. I stopped buying new pairs of running shoes in the hope that they would motivate me to go jogging and  instead put in place a blueprint that would keep me fit and healthy year after year, while actually enjoying rather than enduring the process. In this week’s Choose Your Attitude Show I went through my blueprint.

What I know to be true is that when I am feeling healthy physically, everything else benefits. So if you want to:

  • Have the energy to achieve everything you want to, whether that’s keeping up with your kids/grandkids, walking up the stairs without getting out of breath, or doing a bonkers challenge like swimming the English Channel (which my twin Hayley did!);
  • Have the body confidence that will enable you to go for your goals without being held back by anxieties about how you look;
  • Get out of a rut and have a new adventure…

Then do join me as we launch this new series and work through my Fitness Blueprint (get yours HERE)

Since the show went live on Monday, I have already heard of one couple who have signed up for a 25-mile walking challenge this summer.  Awesome!  I wonder what challenge you will choose?



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