I don’t like to boast, but I am REALLY good at procrastination. I mean, really, really I-should-get-a-prize-for-this levels of good. And because of this, I’ve found that the only way I can achieve a goal is to have a plan and a system that makes everything as easy as possible.

Of course, I don’t mean setting myself an easy goal! What I do mean is reducing those roadblocks and obstacles that can get in the way of my daily exercise time. I didn’t get enough sleep/I’ve got a headache/I can’t find my left trainer (that’s sneaker to you in the US!)/the traffic to the training ground will be really bad – I mean those kind of roadblocks, the normal every day life ones, that really, deep down, we know aren’t good enough excuses not to exercise. After all, we know (and science proves) that exercise makes us feel better. That’s why on this week’s Show I shared TEN ways to beat exercise procrastination: check out the video above.

An image of teams of stand up paddle boards

In other news… Have you decided what your big fitness challenge is going to be? No? Are you busy on 15th & 16th June? I’ve just entered a team for the World Dragon Championships and I would LOVE to meet some of you there. Teams of 4 compete on huge, inflatable dragon paddle boards – don’t worry, the event organisers Red Paddle Co. provides them, and all of the other kit – all you need to do is to sign up and then get to Lake Annecy, France (30 mins from Geneva Airport). The Championships are open to everyone, even if you’ve never so much as stood on a paddle board in your life! On the Saturday morning we’ll be shown the ropes and if you’re a solo entry, meet your team. The preliminary races are on Saturday afternoon, there’s a big party in the evening, and then the real racing takes place on Sunday. Even if your team is absolute pants, you’ll get to try at least 3 races and I can guarantee that you’ll have a blast. It’s open to single sex, mixed and family teams with kids over 12 years old.  Check out the video of last year’s event on their website – it looks so much fun. I hope you’ll be able to join me.  Ping me back an email if you are interested.




Resources from this week’s Choose Your Attitude Show

Come and join me at the Dragon World Championships! Sign up here: https://www.dragonworldseries.com/tickets

James Clear, Atomic Habits: https://amzn.to/2Vy2iXW [affiliate link]

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