Have you ever felt less important than the screen that someone is looking at? I’m sure we all have. And I’ll bet that we’ve all been the guilty party who is focused on the screen, too! If so, then this week’s Choose Your Attitude Show is for you.

I was recently speaking at a large conference and the Sales Director, who was in charge of the whole event, was sat on the front row leaning back, feet out, phone raised to chest height in his outstretched arm. This wasn’t a quick response to an urgent email – he was engrossed, and his eyes barely flickered towards the stage in the whole hour I was on it.

This image has really stayed with me. Not because I was on some kind of ego trip but because it had such an effect on the whole atmosphere and culture of his conference.




By focusing on his phone, this director was telling all of his team that this conference, despite all of the money they had spent on it and the hours and hours that had gone into creating it, wasn’t really important. And if it wasn’t important to him – why should it be to the 500 or so people who were sat behind him in the audience? As the hour went on, I could feel myself losing respect for him as a leader.

Today’s Choose Your Attitude Show is a 15 minute challenge to us all about putting down our phones to be more present in the moment – whether that be a work meeting, a coffee break, or the school run.

These small screens can do so much good, from mindfulness apps like Headspace, through to learning about our world on TED.com and WhatsApp groups that make me laugh out loud and snort my coffee! But too much focus on them can cost us respect and relationships. In this week’s Show I share just a few of the strategies I’ve started using to make sure that I am focused on the here and now.

I’m just coming up to my favourite part of the train journey to London – so I’m off to spend a few minutes breathing deeply and looking out of the window at the ocean. I will never get bored of this view!




Resources from this week’s Choose Your Attitude Show

Benny The Bull’s Kiss Cam! https://youtu.be/SSSBXPda50w

Download my free 30 Day Happiness Action Plan: www.debrasearle.com/happy

Sean Achor’s TED Talk: https://www.ted.com/talks/shawn_achor_the_happy_secret_to_better_work/

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