We’re now over half way through 2019: how is your year going? I have a confession: I had planned to do this episode a week or two ago, but when I went to review my 2019 goals I found myself feeling quite dejected and disappointed in my perceived lack of progress. I knew that I couldn’t talk to others about getting back on track before I had sorted out my own mindset, so I got to work.

In this week’s episode I share what I learnt, and the techniques I used to pull myself up, choose my attitude, and find a way forwards.

If you find yourself in the same position as me, don’t get disheartened – it’s a waste of energy! Instead, watch this week’s video as I’ve made it just for you.

As you’ll learn in the Show, I used five steps to identify the areas in which I haven’t achieved as much as I expected, to re-evaluate the goal and then to make a plan for how to reach it in the remaining months of the year. If you’ve been following the Choose Your Attitude Show, you won’t be surprised to learn that one of the major road blocks that can get in the way of achieving goals is a self-limiting belief. If you think that might be the case for you too then try downloading my ‘How to Diagnose & Treat Your Self-Limiting Beliefs’ workbook here.

Let me know how you’re getting on, and don’t forget to Choose Your Attitude – after all, it’s the one thing we have a choice about.





PS. Want to be nosey and hear a few stories that I wouldn’t normally share publicly? My lovely friend Nat Sisson invited me to be a guest on her podcast ‘Untapped’. Top tip: being interviewed by a friend makes you extra candid! Check it out here: https://www.nataliesisson.com/choose-your-attitude/ 

Resources from this week’s Choose Your Attitude Show

More about the Monte Carlo Rally Historique: here

The importance of small wins: https://www.debrasearle.com/029-2/

Epsiode about Limiting Beliefs & the stories that we tell ourselves about ourselves: https://www.debrasearle.com/024-2/

Get your Goals Workbook: www.debrasearle.com/goals

MIX’s Inclusive Recruitment online course: https://www.mixdiversitydevelopers.co.uk/e-learning

The mind mapping tool I mentioned: https://mindnode.com/

Eco friendly home changes! Who Gives A Crap toilet paper: https://uk.whogivesacrap.org/

Untapped podcast: https://www.nataliesisson.com/choose-your-attitude/


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