Sorry that this video quality is so poor this week! The sound quality is ok so it’s worth having us on in the background.

Ever feel like you’re stuck and just need some extra brain power on a problem?

In this week’s Choose Your Attitude Show I’m joined by my good friend Sonya Lennon, who is a TV presenter, fashion designer, social entrepreneur and a household name in Ireland. Sonya is a part of my mastermind group and we’re at our quarterly retreat on the beautiful West coast of Ireland. 

In the Show we discuss:

  • What a mastermind group is, and why we felt we needed to join one
  • Why it’s had such an impact both on our personal lives and business lives
  • How this kind of group can benefit anyone who is open to personal growth and challenge, and not just entrepreneurs
  • The truth in the old adage that ‘two brains are better than one’!

We also talk practicalities – how to find a mastermind group, whether it’s better to set up your own, how much they cost, and how we structure ours to make sure that we cover the ground needed.

Confession: we did film this on my birthday so had had some champagne before hitting ‘go live’! 🥂 I promise that after a few seconds of me singing and dancing, we get down to it! The wifi in our Airbnb was pretty pants so the video quality isn’t great, but the sound is ok so please do stick us on in the background.

Are you a part of a mastermind group? Would you like to set one up? I’d love to know.




Resources from this week’s Choose Your Attitude Show

Sonya designs all of the fabulous dresses and jumpsuits that I wear on stage.  You can follow her collection here on Instagram or her personal page @sonyalennon and buy the clothes from Dunnes Store online:

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