Have you ever been speaking to a colleague or client and heard them say:

“I missed their childhood as I was so focussed on my career,” or

“It goes so quickly and all of a sudden they were all grown up and leaving home.”

I’m fortunate enough to speak at conferences across the world and people tell me these things all the time. A couple of years ago I was struck by the realisation that we could choose to make a life for our family that would mean that my husband Tim and I wouldn’t be saying those things in the coming years. We also realised that we only had 8-10 summers left with our two girls before they are both in their late teens and won’t want to hang out with us any more! Together we made a resolution to make the most of our summers together as a foursome and to help our girls grow into happy, resilient little people.

Our resolution is about more than having fun (although that is number one on the priority list!) We also want to ensure that our girls leave our home with the skills (both practical and emotional) that will set them up for life and that aren’t currently available to them through the British education system. We want to show them how to overcome fear, build resilience, be equipped to assess risk and make their own decisions.

In this week’s Choose Your Attitude Show I share 7 tips which have helped me and my family to maximise our memory making together.

The good news?

  • You don’t need to go away for 6 weeks. An evening after school can spark memories that will last a lifetime.
  • You don’t need to have loads of disposable income. In my experience, even the wealthiest children often play with the box more than the toy!
  • This isn’t just about your children having fun. Whether your adventure is a big one or a tiny one, they have the ability to bind you and your loved ones together like nothing else.

So, whether it’s a grand adventure in an exotic place or a quick picnic in the woods after school, let me know what your plans are and tag me in your adventure pics, I’d love to see them!




Resources from this week’s Choose Your Attitude Show

Alastair Humphreys, Microadventures: https://amzn.to/33LIjuj [affiliate link]

River Rascal’s FREE Adventure Combination Game: https://riverrascal.com/pages/about-us and their Instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/river.rascal/

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