Do you ever catch yourself thinking…

  • there is just not enough time to get it all done
  • the demands of home life and work life are impossible to juggle
  • I don’t have time to exercise?

We are all short of time and a large proportion of that time is spent consuming information – emails, social media, the news, books, podcasts etc.  On this week’s Choose Your Attitude Show, I pose this question:

If we viewed our information consumption in the same way that we view our food consumption, would we need to go on a diet?

I’m not saying that we should never indulge in our favourite Netflix show or look at our sister’s holiday snaps on Facebook. Instead, I talk about how to establish whether the effects of the information that we are consuming are positive or negative, and what steps we can take to ensure that our intake is healthy and supporting us in achieving our best life.

If time is so short that we can’t find enough of it to achieve the goals that would bring us happiness, then something has to give.  When I gave up consuming information 11 years ago, I found 15 ways to filter information and consume less of it.  The net result was a big clawing back of my time – time I could better spend building my dream life.  Hit play to check them out.



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Resources from this week’s Choose Your Attitude Show

‘The Four-Hour Work Week’ by Timothy Ferriss  [affiliate link]

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