Image of Debra Searle Mentally Preparing for the Dragon Boat World Championships with Legs Crossed and Headphones in

This is me in my 20’s, just before the finals of the European Championships in Rome, Italy. I’m visualising the perfect race and winning medals for the Great Britain Dragon Boat team. I don’t even know who took the photo. We won a load of medals at these championships and were fortunate to have a wonderful coach, Griff, who believed in the power of the mind. He encouraged us to use visualisation and it helped us create winning future truth moments for the team.

Yet visualisation isn’t just for athletes. I’ve used it to create the future I want in a variety of life areas, from winning big business contracts through to climbing in the Alps with my daughters (something I’ve dreamt about since before they were born!)

In this week’s Choose Your Attitude Show I share 5 different ways to use visualisation to create the life that you want, whether that be learning a new skill, increasing your confidence or working towards a huge goal. When I read back through my #CYAJournal and see my past visualisations written out, it’s amazing how many of those future truth visualisations are my current reality. What dream could you start proactively and intentionally visualising today?



Resources from this week’s Choose Your Attitude Show

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Research about visualisation and playing the piano:

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