I’d like to start with two questions from the Goals section of my Choose Your Attitude Journal:

Who was the most toxic person in your life this year?

Who was the most life-giving person in your life this year?

Last week I had the chance to hang out with my lovely friend John C. Maxwell. He said, “Be around people bigger, better and faster than you”. Obviously, that was exactly what I was doing by hanging out with him! Who we spend time with matters. Our friends, family members, work colleagues, mentors and role models have the potential to sabotage us or support us. They can inspire us on to greatness or hold us back. Spending time with people of John’s calibre (Google him!) doesn’t happen by chance and it can require editing out the toxic people from your life to make room for inspirational people.

So, who do you edit and how do you do that when there are feelings and friendships on the line? In this week’s Choose Your Attitude Show I talk about just that – the three types of people you absolutely MUST edit out of your life right now and how to do it.

Next Monday we’ll do the opposite and discuss how to seek out and foster positive relationships. The ones that feed us and inspire us to fulfil our potential.  But if you don’t get the wrong people out of your life, you’ll never meet the right ones.

As ever, let me know if you’ve found this helpful either by email or over on social media (links at the bottom of this page!), and don’t forget to Choose Your Attitude – after all, it’s the one thing we have a choice about.



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Resources from this week’s Choose Your Attitude Show

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