Busy-ness is endemic, and it’s so easy to slip into ‘parent-guilt’ and feel like we are letting our children down when we miss a Nativity play/dance performance/football game. Yet I have good news! Some fascinating research has shown that the amount of time that we spend at work actually has very little direct impact on the wellbeing of our little people. What actually makes an impact is HOW we spend time with them. This week’s Choose Your Attitude Show includes:

  • Mythbusting the idea that ‘you can have it all!’
  • How to help your children to understand why we go to work as parents, and how to enlist them to be cheerleaders and helpers
  • How to manage your expectations of your partner/those you do life with (hint: it’s of course often about our attitude & approach rather than their actions)
  • Research which shows that spending time on ourselves is actually beneficial for our children.

I also share the two career-related things that the research shows does impact our children negatively, along with some ideas for how to avoid them.

I so hope you find this useful as we head into the Christmas break. Join me next week for the last Choose Your Attitude Show of the year!





Resources from this week’s Choose Your Attitude Show

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