Have you ever had a crisis of confidence? Recently I’ve been having confidence issues, which is a really bad thing when your job is to front a few businesses and regularly stand on stage in front of hundreds of people. I know what triggered it but I’m also aware that many of those things are a figment of my imagination, as are all thoughts. As the thinker of my thoughts I get to choose what I think about and I’ve been choosing to focus on the wrong things.

On my Instagram and Facebook accounts a few weeks back, I held up a sign saying, ‘Today’s attitude is CONFIDENT’. I explained that in my journal I had listed all the benefits that will come from staying confident for that entire day. By writing them out I give myself the best chance of training my subconscious brain to look for ways to make those benefits a reality.

What shocked me about that post was the response from others. It seemed people were genuinely surprised to hear that I struggle with confidence! So, in this video I bare all and explain what was making me feel unconfident and the three steps I have been taking to put my confidence jigsaw pieces back into place, all snuggly fitting together.

At the end, I throw in a few extra confidence boosting tips that I also rely on in the heat of a pressurised moment. Apologies for the over sharing, but if you have any tough challenges on the horizon then my three steps might be useful for you or for someone you care for.

If (like me!) you find visual guides helpful, please do download my Choose Your Attitude guide that outlines the practice I do every morning: www.debrasearle.com/attitude

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