And covered by the media worldwide

I wasn’t one of those kids who dreamt of being on TV!

Mid Atlantic I shared my feelings with a camcorder. On reaching dry land the BBC were so taken with the footage that the Six O’Clock News made a five minute feature out of it. All it took was that and an honest interview for BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour and things took off. 

 I’ve now presented over 40 programmes for the BBC as well as working for ITV, Channel 5, CBBC and Sail TV.


Programmes Presented

TV Presenter

Being trained by the BBC Talent Scheme gave me an excellent media base.

Media Guest

Live TV & Radio are my favourite. I always have something to say!


I love guest writing and reporting for newspapers and online media.


A Few Clips of Me on the Telly and Radio!

BBC Grandstand
BBC Extreme Lives
BBC Radio 4 with Libby Purves