With Debra


Adventure is an attitude and a catalyst that gives us a drive to begin to achieve more in life and make the most of our natural potential.


Cognitive strategies are developed through adventure, giving us the ability to persevere when situations are stressful or challenging.   

Comfort Zones

It’s only by being pushed outside of our comfort zones that we truly appreciate just how much hardship we are capable of surviving.


Self-confidence does not happen by accident.  It can be learnt. Adventure and travel speeds the process up exponentially.

Reset The Balance

For years people have been asking me if they can join me on an adventure. Well, as of 2018 the answer will be YES! You’ll all have your different reasons for wanting to come – to put some excitement back into life, to have a challenge to train for, as an incentive to get fit, or to feel more connected again.

Whatever your reason I can guarantee it will be a life changing experience – because adventure has a habit of providing those! There may not be any wifi but I promise you’ll never have felt so connected. It’s less about adrenaline, although there will be plenty of that, and more about being present in the world.

An Adventure For Everyone

(regardless of experience or fitness levels)
Some ADVENTURES will be hot and some will be cold.
Some ADVENTURES will be long weekends.
Other ADVENTURES will be longer, tougher and to far-flung places.
And some ADVENTURES will even be for parents and their children.
I just ask that you come with a curiosity about the world and leave behind any self-imposed limitations.  Be prepared to develop coping skills for future adverse events and to feel more alive than you have done in years.   Register now to get first-dibs on adventure places.

Women’s Artic Expedition

(Men – they’ll be plenty for you too!)