Inspiring greater inclusion,
equality and diversity of thought

MIX is a consulting firm specialising in equality, diversity and inclusion, unconscious bias training and internal communications co-founded by Debra Searle and Hayley Barnard.

We’re in this space because we believe that every individual matters and that diversity creates excellence. We want to support organisations to utilise the talents of their full workforce - to ensure that everyone can realise their true potential at work and feel a sense of belonging.

We help organisations to reap the rewards of a truly inclusive culture, including: better customer service, improved staff retention, more innovation, and greater profitability.

Our Services

We offer a range of services to help our clients build authentic and inclusive workplaces. Whether we’re doing a D&I audit of an organisation and helping them to create their strategy, designing an inclusive leadership course, creating bespoke unconscious bias e-learning, setting up a diversity council, or even developing unique communications projects, we do so with passion, creativity and care.

Our Clients

We have been trusted by some of the world’s best known brands including Capital One, Colgate, Deloitte, Diageo, Microsoft, Nissan, T-Mobile, and the City of London, to name just a few. We are privileged to work across both the public and private sector including many companies in the FTSE 100 & 250 and Fortune 1000.

What our clients say about us

“MIX are one of the few companies who really get it in terms of importance and what we can do about Diversity & Inclusion.”

Debra Searle - HSBC logo Sue Jex Head of Employee Relations

“We cannot thank you enough for a terrific session. I've been stopped by numerous people who mentioned how worthwhile they found it.”

Debra Searle - Roche logo John Carroll Site Head, Roche NY

“We've had incredible feedback and been inundated with offers of Respect Ambassadors to drive the change.”

Debra Searle - Babcock logo Tina Brinkworth Transformation Manager

Watch how our story began

This video is a few years old (2015!) but we still love it!
It tells the story of how Debra began working in Diversity & Inclusion and led her to co-found Mix with her twin sister, Hayley.

MIX Diversity Developers - How our story began
Debra Searle - MIX Diversity logo

Are you on a D&I journey? If so, we’d love to help.


Debra Searle MVO, MBE shot to fame after rowing the Atlantic solo.

As a sought after motivational speaker and author, she has spoken at 1,000 events in 40+ countries.

She has founded five companies and presented over 40 programmes for the BBC.