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  • We provided feedback forms to all participants and asked for a rating between 1(poor) and 5(excellent). We received 170 completed forms (60% of attendees) and Debra scored a ‘5’ from every single respondent. This is unheard of! The comments were all super, for example – ‘Best speaker I’ve heard at an IBM event – outstanding!’

    Client Director, IBM

  • I work with a very multi cultural group (26 nationalities), this story resonates whatever your background. Debra was very motivational, great on goal setting and having the right attitude of mind. An inspirational story and a great role model.

    Managing Director, Johnson & Johnson Middle East
  • I have never heard a better speech, anywhere, in any context. It was such a thrill to have you, and you simply “nailed it” in terms of what I wanted for the closing, in delivery and content. People are still talking about it.

    Alan Farnsworth, President, Bausch & Lomb, EMEA
  • “We held a conference for 1400 business people with Mikhael Gorbachev, Rory Bremner, Nick Leeson, Murray Walker, John Simpson and Debra Searle as the speakers, and the delegates voted Debra Searle the best.”

    Mike Firth, CEO
    International Business Convention.
  • Having heard sports-based speakers in the past try and extrapolate out from having won a bronze medal in 90’s to business and organisation practices/personal work-based struggles and goals, I confess I felt a little cynical reserve. But this turned out to be unfounded.

    J. Marsden
    Kensington and Chelsea TMO
  • Yesterday was likely the most successful day the Huntington team’s ever had at a conference, and we owe that to you. What really made yesterday special was the connection you made to the Huntington team. Scarf and all, you became part of us. In the booth, at the reception, and at our late night “briefing” you built a relationship with the team and our customers they will never forget.

    Doug Hartsema
    Huntington Bank, USA
  • “She was excellent. The time taken by Debra to understand our business really paid off. The best thing about her was her humility and also her willingness to stay and chat to the audience.”

    Karen Allen, Head of Communications
    Boots Healthcare International
  • “One of the issues with athletes or others who have achieved something extraordinary is that it is not always possible to relate back clear lessons for us mere mortals to learn. We didn’t have that problem with your presentation. So, not only was it fascinating, gripping and emotionally draining – it was relevant to every single person in that hall.”

    Matthew Wyles, Group Development Director
    Portman Building Society