Corporate Events

Training and workshop sessions that motivate,
re-energise and build leadership capabilities.

Less information transfer. More behaviour change!

I don’t just want people to leave the event inspired. I want them to leave armed with practical tools that they can action immediately when they get back to their job the next day.

Debra Searle MBE

When organisations give their employees the time and space to take what they have heard from the stage and apply it to their own personal circumstances to be a better leader, manager or employee – that’s when the magic really happens! It goes beyond information transfer and instead promotes behaviour change.

Debra and her team specialise in giving employees that opportunity through a variety of training and workshop sessions, as well as fully curated two day conferences.

Whether you are organising a sales kick-off, people managers conference or small team meeting, Debra’s sessions ignite people’s motivation and re-energise them to go again.

They upskill them in leading themselves first so they can lead others better, as well as facilitating amazing conversations and sharing of best practice that will build collaboration amongst your people.

Debra Searle - Event Workshops for Corporate Teams

Corporate Event Design and Delivery

Debra and her team can provide 1-2 hours, half day, full day or two-day corporate events jam packed with workshops that promise to get you up on your feet and thinking differently.

We understand the need to get a balance between vital business updates and internal presentations alongside our people development sessions - we’ll work closely with your team to curate the perfect blend.

Each event will be tailored to your requirements and aligned to your company values.

When it comes to booking venues and audio-visual production companies, we’ve found that many of our clients have regular suppliers they like to use. We look forward to working closely with them and you, but if you need help in this area, we have some excellent partner companies.

Client Testimonials

Debra Searle - UPSA logo

I wanted to thank you again for the extraordinary work delivered for our leadership off-site. All feedback has been unanimous on the success of this off-site. I have personally truly appreciated all the content provided and would like to highlight the great flexibility you have shown in building an agenda truly adapted to our needs, with a great understanding of our context and maturity in our journey.

Debra Searle - Royal Bank of Canada logo

Fantastic session - what was presented was practical and applicable and great reminders of the tools we have in our toolbox to work through while leading in changing times. We had amazing dialogue at the table, and it was even better when our table was able to engage with another table to hear their takeaway and 'Ah Ha' moments. That piece in particular helped to re-iterate the day and half that we spent together.

Workshops that inspire action

We want your people to take action, so we’ll always start with our KNOW – FEEL - DO process to gain clarity around the learning outcomes for your people.

What do we want the delegates to know, what do we want them to feel and what do we want them to do as a result.

Debra Searle - Event Workshops for Corporate Teams

Types of Conferences and Workshops available

Debra Searle - People Managers' Summit

People Managers' Summit

A top-level meeting that has a strategic focus and develops the leadership and people management skills of those attending. The focus is on growing their toolkit of ways to motivate and re-energise their teams, as well as how they can become a more inclusive leader and utilise the full diversity of thought amongst their people.

Debra Searle - Executive Leadership Team Meetings

Executive Leadership Meetings

Debra has been working with leaders for over 20 years, partnering with greats such as John Maxwell to really hone her ability to inspire those at the very top of an organisation. Having worked at Board level alongside members of the British Royal Family she has a unique understanding of the pressures on those high up in leadership.

Debra Searle - Full Company Training/Workshop

Company Training/Workshops

If general training is required for the whole organisation then Debra’s keynote speech followed by a one or two hour workshop is a great way to embed the learnings and leave those attending in no doubt of their ability to achieve more. The focus is on making it practical and easy to implement, regardless of someone’s rank or role.

Debra Searle - Specialist Workshops

Specialist Workshops

Women in Leadership, Unconscious bias and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion training is where we get to wear our other hat! We have a huge pool of specialist trainers that work for Debra’s other company, Mix Diversity and are world class on all things D&I. Workshops for Lidl saw managers improve their confidence in leading a diverse team jump from 34% to 93%.

Debra Searle - Executive Leadership Team Meetings

Team Building Adventures

You won’t be surprised to read that Debra loves any excuse to throw a bit of adventure into the mix! We love to get people out of the conference room and into the fresh air, even if it is just for the table discussions, but an adventure together skyrockets team development. So, if you have a river/ocean nearby we can get them racing in Dragon Boats or a land-based equivalent.

Debra Searle - Full Company Training/Workshop

Virtual Follow-up and e-Learning

Keep the messaging going with some follow-up virtual sessions or e-learning for your LMS to help employees embed the learnings from the live event and boost your ROI. This is also a great option if the event timings are tight, and a workshop isn’t possible on the day. View the virtual page for more information. Alternatively, you could utilise Debra’s bitesize videos as a drip communications campaign.

Blown out the water! Excellent and captivating.

Let us help you get this kind of feedback from your people.

Resources and gifts for your audience

Debra Searle - Branded Choose Your Attitude Journal

Products are available for companies looking to embed Debra’s ‘Choose Your Attitude’ message in a more practical way, including:

  • Rowing It Alone eBook (Published by Chrysalis Group but now out of print)
  • The Journey: How to Achieve Against The Odds
  • The Choose Your Attitude Journal and notebook
  • Choose Your Attitude water bottles
  • Barney The Sea Turtle necklace

These products can also be personalised with your event and/or company branding.


+ Can we choose our location and production company?

+ How many briefing calls will we have to plan the conference?

+ Will there be more than one facilitator?

+ Can workshops be run virtually?

+ Will we have a point of contact throughout?

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Debra Searle MVO, MBE shot to fame after rowing the Atlantic solo.

As a sought after motivational speaker and author, she has spoken at 1,000 events in 40+ countries.

She has founded five companies and presented over 40 programmes for the BBC.