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With 20+ years of experience, Debra has addressed 1,000+ companies worldwide.

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Debra Searle MVO, MBE is a trusted corporate speaker, MC and after dinner speaker who draws on her remarkable achievements as a professional adventurer, serial entrepreneur and board level director to inspire workforces worldwide. She is renowned for her ability to tailor her speeches to her audiences and for sticking around after she comes off stage to engage with the delegates.

Debra’s most popular keynote is ‘Choose Your Attitude!’, in which she shares the story of her remarkable row across the Atlantic following her former husband’s premature departure from their small wooden boat. Debra speaks from the heart and with great humour about her personal journey of discovery, sharing practical strategies with real-life applications.


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Debra was the most professional speaker we’ve ever dealt with. Her feedback scores were phenomenal - highest ever. Her slides were the earliest we’ve ever received and gave great direction. She was dressed impeccably. She stayed for the entire event and even incorporated what she’d heard earlier in the sessions making it totally relevant. Most professional speaker we’ve ever booked!

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Debra Searle - Atlantic Row

Keynote Topics

Debra speaks from the heart and with great humour about her personal journey of discovery and the strategies she used to keep going and now uses in her business life to help illustrate, in a very human way, what we are all capable of. Messages include:

  • Choose Your Attitude – It’s not magic, it’s mindset
  • Practical tools for building resilience
  • Mindset strategies for not just coping but excelling during periods of change
  • Personal motivation ideas for when the journey only seems to be getting harder
  • Teamwork - even when miles apart
  • Achieving seemingly impossible goals
  • How to guard your mental and physical wellbeing when the pressure is on
Debra Searle - Choose Your Attitude Journal and Water Bottle

Delegate Gifts to Reinforce Learning

Having spoken at 1,000 corporate conferences Debra knows that delegates often leave on a high and full of ideas – but then reality hits when everyone returns to the office.

The CHOOSE YOUR ATTITUDE Journal is a daily journaling practice which helps people to implement Debra’s mindset tools and strategies.

  • Sections include prompts to Choose Your Attitude along with gratitude, goal setting and ‘next step’ planning
  • Detailed explanations of the science behind each journal section, along with free tutorial videos and resources available online
  • Notes pages at the back for delegates to use at your conference


Positive leadership. Self-motivation. Lead yourself before you lead others.


Choose Your Attitude! Practical tools to stay positive and achieve targets.


Move out of your comfort zone. Strategies to excel during periods of change.

Debra Searle - Resilience Bitesized Videos

Resilience Bitesized Video Series

Supporting Employees’ Mental, Physical and Team Wellbeing

A helpful follow-up to keep the buzz alive after Debra’s speech, The Resilience Series is 8 bitesized videos (each 4 – 5 minutes' duration) full of inspiration and practical ideas for boosting mental, physical and team wellbeing. They are packed with easy wins that will help employees to sit less and move more, increase productivity, enhance virtual meetings and stay mentally resilient.

The bitesized videos can be supplied individually or as a full series and can be topped and tailed with your own branding. They can be distributed weekly as part of a Monday Motivation style email following your event, used as part of a wellness series, or added as a resource to your intranet, perhaps to be timed with Mental Health Awareness Week.


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Seriously Motivational

“I could not have envisioned a more motivational and appropriate speech. Debra has touched the hearts and minds of three hundred and thirty eight people sitting in that auditorium.”

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Practical Take-Aways

“People really valued the fact that Debra is able to draw parallels between her adventure experiences and her working/daily life, having run her own companies.”

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“Debra clearly had a massive impact as people are still talking about it! ‘The best thing about the event? Two words: Debra Searle.’ We’ve never had feedback like it for a speaker!”

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“You were authentic, genuine, real, and approachable. I felt like we were in a conversation vs being presented to. Perhaps the best I have ever experienced in an external speaker.”

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Top Rated Speaker

“We provided feedback forms to all participants and asked for a rating between 1 (poor) and 5 (excellent). Debra scored a ‘5’ from every single respondent. This is unheard of.”

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Internationally Appealing

“I work with a very multi-cultural group (26 nationalities), this story resonates whatever your background. Debra was an inspirational story and a great role model particularly for women in our team.”

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“Debra spoke to the audience in a way that captivated them, relating her journey to our business. Absolutely everyone was energised and enthusiastic about what they had heard and what this can mean for them.”

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Never Heard Better

“I have never heard a better speech, anywhere, in any context.”

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Tailored To Our Needs

“We had really excellent feedback on your life, story, anecdotes and real-life application of all that you’ve learnt. You clearly put a lot of preparation into making it a special session and tailoring it to our event.”

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Debra Searle MVO, MBE shot to fame after rowing the Atlantic solo.

As a sought after motivational speaker and author, she has spoken at 1,000 events in 40+ countries.

She has founded five companies and presented over 40 programmes for the BBC.