Unconscious Bias

Speeches that shine a light on the unconscious and make it conscious


How it began

“When I rowed the Atlantic, I didn’t know what ‘unconscious bias’ was, and yet I was definitely subject to it!”

‘Little wifey Debra’ had global news organisations celebrating her triumph – yet if Debra had needed rescuing and Andrew had continued alone, would it have made a single headline? Probably not.

Fast forward a few years, add in a huge learning journey and ten years of board level experience where she was in the minority and Debra was able to put a name to what she often witnessed and experienced.

It became clear that gender stereotyping wasn’t the only kind of bias out there. Debra observed how all stereotyping and other unconscious bias has hugely negative repercussions for both individuals and the culture of the organisations that they work within. She wanted to equip people with practical tools to help us all to undermine bias and grow inclusion, and this led Debra and her business partner to co-found MIX Diversity.

Debra Searle - DofE Board

Debra Searle - Talking to John Maxwell's L2L Event

Unconscious Bias speech

Using her Atlantic Row story as a platform to engage people, Debra loves to help organisations and teams to understand:

  • What is unconscious bias?
  • Why do we all have it?
  • What can we do to stop it in its tracks?
  • How to speak up when we experience or witness unfair behaviour against ourselves or others
  • How to be an Ally

One of her favourite days of the year is International Women’s Day (IWD) and she would be delighted to join you for your celebrations or as a speaker / host of your award ceremony.

If you are looking for a speaker for other DEI related events such as Black History Month or Pride, please contact Mix. We also have a large portfolio of speakers in other specialisms. MIX have now delivered unconscious bias and inclusive leadership training for over 150 organisations including Microsoft, Diageo, Capital One and more.

Want more than a keynote speech?

Mix Unconscious Bias training can be delivered as

In-person workshops

Virtual Classroom


Unconscious Bias - Debra's Story

This video is a few years old (2015!) but we still love it!
It tells the story of how Debra began working in Diversity & Inclusion and led her to co-found Mix with her twin sister, Hayley.

MIX Diversity Developers - How our story began

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Debra Searle MVO, MBE shot to fame after rowing the Atlantic solo.

As a sought after motivational speaker and author, she has spoken at 1,000 events in 40+ countries.

She has founded five companies and presented over 40 programmes for the BBC.