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How to use the Choose Your Attitude Journal

I am so pleased that you have decided to get started with The CHOOSE YOUR ATTITUDE Journal.

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Video Tutorials

Overview of the Journal
Debra Searle - Overview of the Choose Your Attitude Journal
The types of journaling
Debra Searle - Explanations of the type of journaling
How to use the index page
Debra Searle - How to use the index page

Sample Entries

I tend to alternate between these four different styles of journaling, depending on my mood, what I need to mentally process and how much time I have got. Here is a short description that summarises each and a link to a sample entry from my own journal.

Debra Searle - Future Truth Journaling

Future Truth Journaling

Write in detail (sounds, smell, location, what’s happening, who is there, etc) in the past tense, as if you have already achieved the goal or situation you are writing about. Repeatedly imagining the feelings rewires your brain to look for opportunities to make it a reality.

Debra Searle - Future Truth Statements

Future Truth Statements

Write a list of statements (6-10) that summarise your most desired goals. Again, you must write them as if you have already achieved them. E.g. ‘I am a NY Times Best Selling Author.’ Go BIG! Write in fast bullet points. Repeat and only stop listing once it has been achieved.

Debra Searle - Cathartic Journaling

Cathartic Journaling

Stressed about a particular event, situation or relationship? Journal your big feelings on the page because it gives you a place to put the frustrations, anger, fear or stress. Once you get it out of your body and onto a page it can’t make you sick. It brings calm and clarity.

Debra Searle - Re-live a Positive Moment Journaling

Re-live a Positive Moment Journaling

Stuck for words? On the days you don’t feel very positive or are uninspired to write about your Future Truths, try re-living a moment of success or happiness. When we re-live a moment of pure joy it puts our mind into a more positive state.

Frequently Asked Questions

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